Welcome to Villas De Jardin

Self-catering resort built in 2011 is located in the Seychelles Islands one of the very few places left on Earth that truly deserves to be called a paradise.

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, this archipelago is a place of stunning beauty underlined by dramatic contrasts of the towering granite mountain masses and the pristine sandy beaches lining its coast. With some 115 islands, most of which are too small to be on the map and a population of only 90 000, this nook of our planet is as close to paradise as we can get.

It is an entirely unique place. Spared by the maker of natural disaster threats such as cyclones and earthquakes, with no life-threatening flora or fauna, day-time temperatures of 27 - 31 °C, temperatures at night of 25 - 27 °C and a sea temperature of 24 - 28 °C year round.

Nothing to worry about all day long but finding the perfect deserted white sandy beach sheltered by the reef and enveloped in wild, untamed nature untouched by man...